Industry Group / Mutual Fund Cross Reference Guide

The table below lists the 100 Dow Jones Industry Groups for which the AI Stock Forecast analyzes each month. Each industry group is mapped to one of 39 Fidelity Select Portfolio mutual funds.

Dow Jones Industry Group Fidelity Select Mutual Fund
Industry Group Fund Name Symbol
Aerospace Defense & Aerospace FSDAX
Airlines Air Transportation FSAIX
Aluminum Materials FSDPX
Apparel Retailers Retailing FSRPX
Asset Managers Brokerage & Investment FSLBX
Auto Parts Automotive FSAVX
Automobiles Automotive FSAVX
Banks Banking FSRBX
Biotechnology Biotechnology FBIOX
Brewers Consumer Staples FDFAX
Broadcasting - Entertainment Multimedia FBMPX
Broadline Retailers Retailing FSRPX
Building Materials - Fixtures Natural Resources FNARX
Business Support Services Business IT Services FBSOX
Business Training - Employment Business IT Services FBSOX
Clothing and Accessories Consumer Discretionary FSCPX
Coal Energy FSENX
Commercial Vehicles - Trucks Industrials FCYIX
Commodity Chemicals Chemicals FSCHX
Computer Hardware Computers FDCPX
Computer Services Technology FSPTX
Consumer Electronics Leisure FDLSX
Consumer Finance Financial Services FIDSX
Containers and Packaging Natural Resources FNARX
Defense Defense & Aerospace FSDAX
Delivery Services Transportation FSRFX
Distillers - Vintners Consumer Staples FDFAX
Diversified Industrials Industrial Equipment FSCGX
Drug Retailers Retailing FSRPX
Durable Household Products Consumer Discretionary FSCPX
Electrical Components-Equipment Electronics FSELX
Electricity Utilities Growth FSUTX
Electronic Equipment Electronics FSELX
Electronic Office Equipment Computers FDCPX
Financial Administration Business IT Services FBSOX
Fixed Line Telecommunications Telecommunications FSTCX
Food Products Consumer Staples FDFAX
Food Retailers - Wholesalers Consumer Staples FDFAX
Footware Consumer Discretionary FSCPX
Forestry Natural Resources FNARX
Full Line Insurance Insurance FSPCX
Furnishings Consumer Discretionary FSCPX
Gambling Leisure FDLSX
Gas Distribution Natural Gas FSNGX
General Mining Natural Resources FNARX
Gold Mining Gold FSAGX
Health Care Providers Medical Delivery FSHCX
Heavy Construction Construction & Housing FSHOX
Home Construction Construction & Housing FSHOX
Home Improvement Retailers Retailing FSRPX
Hotels Leisure FDLSX
Industrial Machinery Industrial Equipment FSCGX
Industrial Suppliers Business IT Services FBSOX
Insurance Brokers Insurance FSPCX
Integrated Oil - Gas Energy FSENX
Internet Communications Equipment FSDCX
Investment Services Brokerage & Investment FSLBX
Life Insurance Insurance FSPCX
Marine Transportation Transportation FSRFX
Media Agencies Multimedia FBMPX
Medical Equipment Medical Equipment & Systems FSMEX
Medical Supplies Health Care FSPHX
Mobile Telecommunications Wireless FWRLX
Mortgage Finance Consumer Finance FSVLX
Multiutilities Utilities Growth FSUTX
Nondurable Household Products Consumer Discretionary FSCPX
Nonferrous Metals Materials FSDPX
Oil Equipment - Services Energy Service FSESX
Oil Exploration - Production Energy FSENX
Paper Natural Resources FNARX
Personal Products Consumer Discretionary FSCPX
Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceuticals FPHAX
Pipelines - Oil - Gas Natural Gas FSNGX
Platinum - Precious Metals Gold FSAGX
Property-Casualty Insurance Insurance FSPCX
Publishing Multimedia FBMPX
Railroads Transportation FSRFX
Real Estate Holding - Development Consumer Finance FSVLX
Real Estate Investment Trusts Consumer Finance FSVLX
Recreation Products Leisure FDLSX
Recreational Services Leisure FDLSX
Reinsurance Insurance FSPCX
Restaurants - Bars Leisure FDLSX
Semiconductors Electronics FSELX
Soft Drinks Consumer Staples FDFAX
Software Software & Computer Services FSCSX
Specialized Consumer Services Consumer Discretionary FSCPX
Specialty Chemicals Chemicals FSCHX
Specialty Finance Financial Services FIDSX
Specialty Retailers Retailing FSRPX
Steel Materials FSDPX
Telecommunications Equipment Communications Equipment FSDCX
Tires Automotive FSAVX
Tobacco Consumer Staples FDFAX
Toys Leisure FDLSX
Transportation Services Transportation FSRFX
Travel - Tourism Leisure FDLSX
Trucking Transportation FSRFX
Waste - Disposal Services Environmental FSLEX
Water Utilities Growth FSUTX

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