Stock Market Research

The artificial intelligence computer models that we use in our stock market research took many years to develop. A large part of the work involved the tedious creation of database files that are used to train the AI computer programs. Much of the data was not available in a digital format and had to be input manually. Some of the information goes back to the 1800's, but the most useful data covers the post World War II era. Three different databases are used - one for macroeconomic indicators, one for overall stock market indicators, and one for the stocks of individual companies.

The macroeconomic database includes a subset of various measures of interest rates, inflation, currency exchange rates, money supply, Federal Reserve data, production statistics, demographics, sales, orders, inventories, U.S. trade, commodity prices, employment, spending, debt, income, and various data on foreign countries.

The overall stock market research database includes a subset of index prices, volume, short interest, short interest ratio, margin account credits and debts, earnings, dividend yields, mutual fund flows, and industry index prices.

The individual stock database includes 132 different parameters derived from the balance sheet and profit and loss statements of approximately 7000 companies. Quantitative measurements of insider trading are also included.

Take advantage of the hard work that has gone into creating our stock market research models and databases by subscribing to the AI Stock Forecast. Your investment performance can benefit immediately from the years of effort that have been put into our models.


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