What's Inside the AI Stock Forecast

Understanding Our Top-Down Forecasting Methods

The AI Stock Forecasting system begins its search for superior investments at the top of the market by first identifying the best industries that are most likely to outperform the overall market. The forecasting system then moves down to search for the best stock investments in each industry.

First, an artificial intelligence computer model is used to make 12-month predictions for 100 different industries. The industries are ranked based on their predicted 12-month returns. The industry indexes that we use for pricing purposes are based on the Dow Jones Industry Indexes that are listed in the Market Week section of Barron's and the Industry / Fund Cross Reference page on this website.

Once the industries are ranked, another artificial intelligence computer program searches through a database of over 7000 stocks for the ones with the best profit potential. 12-month predictions are computed for all of the stocks in each industry and these are used to find the best stocks in each industry. The stocks in each industry are then ranked based on their predicted returns.

Sections Of The AI Stock Forecast

The AI Stock Forecast is divided into 6 sections:
  • Front Page
  • Industry Forecasts
  • Stock Forecasts
  • Stock Screening
  • AI Stock Portfolio
  • AI Fund Portfolio
The "Front Page" includes a short commentary on the latest market events, comparative performance statistics for the AI Stock Portfolio, the AI Fund Portfolio, and the S&P 500, and 12-month predictions for the major stock market indexes, interest rates, the U.S. Dollar, and the Commodity Price Index.

The "Industry Forecasts" page displays a table with the latest information on 100 Industry Groups and the associated Fidelity Select Mutual Funds. The table includes the current ratings, the current index price, and the 12-month forecasts for each industry group. "Buy" ratings are issued for the best industries ranked 1 - 10 . "Hold" ratings are issued for industries ranked 11 - 20. The remaining 80 industries are issued "Sell" ratings. Predictions can be obtained for all stocks in a given industry group by clicking on the icon. The best stocks are shown at the top of the list.

The "Stock Forecasts" page provides the user with the ability to enter any stock symbol and get its recent price, its predicted 12-month gain, and the industry group that the stock belongs to.

The "Stock Screening" page provides the user with the ability to screen all of the stocks in our database against various criteria such as Industry Rank, Stock Rating, Stock Price, Stock Size, 12-Month Prediction, the 95% Low Limit, Stock Safety, and Industry Safety.

The "AI Stock Portfolio" page displays the 20 stocks that the owners of Top-Down Market Research, LLC are currently invested in using our artificial intelligence based forecasting systems. The listing includes the date and price at which the stock was purchased, the current stock price, and the % gain to date. This portfolio is also the gauge used to measure the performance of the stock predictions that are made by our AI computers. The portfolio performance is charted on the Performance Score Card page. The portfolio performance is computed without the benefit of stock dividends or the hindrance of trading related costs. Also, the portfolio does not buy on margin (borrow money to invest) and only uses the cash available in the account.

The "AI Fund Portfolio" page displays the AI Fund Portfolio. It consists of the 10 mutual funds that the owners of Top-Down Market Research, LLC are currently invested in. Information is provided as to what transactions are being made for each holding, as well as the buy price, the buy date, the current price, and the % return to date. The portfolio performance is charted on the Performance Score Card page.


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